The golf universe in just one app.

A little About Us

After many years of near attempts we realized the single absolute swing does not exist. As in life, we learn from our mistakes. Our endless search concluded in the discovery of a supreme conjunction of body movements to form the ultimate swing. A swing model. As with every system, there is one that excels and reigns supreme over the competition. That is the Jim McLean system!

We are thrilled to call Jim our partner and by working together we have developed the most advanced swing analysis technology in golf. Our algorithms detect the body position and compare them to Jim McLean’s 8-Step swing system. We then trigger a personalized lesson catered to each golfer. The conclusion is the ultimate swing analysis system for a diversity of golfers. Since each of us is a unique being, the Golf Boost by Jim McLean model adapts to each golfer individually. The sophisticated software takes into consideration the golfers height, build, and playing level in order to return the ideal solution for your swing.

Our mission

Together with Jim McLean we have developed a single model which considers all of the golfer’s elements in order to fix an individual’s flaws and make the sport more enjoyable.